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Lazlo Mobile Content Delivery Platform powered by Crypto Imaging

INDUSTRY NEWS LA FLEUR’S MAGAZINE | MARCH/APRIL 2018 Lazlo Mobile Content Delivery Platform Powered by CryptoImaging Lazlo326, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a mobile content delivery platform powered by CryptoImaging (CI). CI is a patent pending technology that allow Lazlo to transform a lottery wager into a highly secure, anonymous, trackable and redeemable digital ticket on mobile phones. Why is CI important in today’s mobile app environment? “Most users of apps are reluctant to provide personal and financial information about themselves,” explained Chris Demetree, CEO, Lazlo326. “Unlike with most mobile apps, Lazlo’s technology does not require user registration and the player remains anonymous Lazlo integrates with existing mobile applications.” This is an important consideration. Lazlo takes an existing paper-based market and offers it on a digital mobile platform. “Lazlo can convert all lottery games, plastic gift cards, consumer coupons and second-chance entries into digital products without knowing the player’s personal information,” stated Demetree. To purchase a lottery ticket, the player simply opens the Lottery app or accesses the lottery app via a partner retailer app. A player builds a shopping cart by selecting the lottery games they want to play prior to visiting a lottery retailer. Once inside the retail location, the player selects the checkout function and a single bar code or QR code is generated for the store clerk to scan. The retailer scans the customer’s bar code at the POS, collects the payment and the player’s tickets are dynamically created and the digital images are issued to the player’s smartphone. The encrypted images are unique to that player’s phone and remain highly secure. When the player wins a prize, the player is notified via their phone they have won. To redeem their prize, they simply take their phone back to the retailer who will validate the prize just like any other paper winning lottery ticket. The player also has the option of converting their prize to a digital gift card from dozens of popular gift card providers without going back to the retailer. “Most research shows that younger audiences do not think lottery is relevant to their lifestyle,” said Demetree. In addition to providing digital draw and Scratch games, Lazlo can provide fun, engaging video clips of movie trailers, music artists, extreme sports and pets where the player’s numbers are embedded into their favorite video. “Our platform allows the consumer to select from a variety of digital content that is relevant and entertaining,” said Demetree. “Now we can co-promote lottery tickets with retail offers to drive consumer interaction. We can provide incentives, such as digital product coupons, digital gift cards and automatic entries into experiential prizes that money can’t buy.” Take-A-Ticket: All In The Family For 30 years, three generations of the Tigner Family have offered lotteries a simple proposition: Choose Take-A-Ticket and leave the rest to us. For more than three decades, Take-A-Ticket has operated a 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Albany, Oregon, supplying ticket dispensers and merchandising aids to more than 30 U.S. lotteries. It all started in 1985 when founder Calvin Tigner Sr. stopped by an Oregon convenience store for a soda. While the cash register drawer was open, he noticed lottery tickets and purchased two. “If I hadn’t seen them, I wouldn’t have bought them,” said Tigner Sr. That evening Tigner designed the first lottery ticket dispenser prototype out of cardboard. The next evening, the first plastic ticket dispenser was born. Instant scratch game merchandizing would never be the same. Take-A-Ticket’s core strategic advantage is its ability to design and fabricate solutions that exactly meet customer needs. The dedication to quality has translated into unprecedented customer loyalty. “I have worked with Take-A-Ticket for over 23 years,” said Michelle Hanson, Merchandising Coordinator for the Oregon Lottery. “Their attentiveness to our many special requests, projects and crazy ideas has been outstanding. They have helped us evolve as our needs have changed. Their customer services, responsiveness and ‘Can Do’ attitude are some of the many qualities that makes doing business with such a great group of people easy. I could not do my job successfully without their expertise and products.” The ease of sharing ideas and collaboratively working together with Take-A-Ticket developing tools that help lotteries bring visibility to their products. “They provide a great product,” noted Hanson. “They have a wonderful staff who are always friendly, supportive and helpful.” One of the secrets to Take-A-Ticket’s success is the longevity. “We are proud that most of our employees have been with the company for more than 20 years,” said Take-A-Ticket President Seth Tigner. “This assures that we can provide high quality, consistent products for our customers.” Take-A-Ticket’s continuity ensures lotteries can tap into a deep level of expertise. “When I first joined Oregon, I was new to the lottery business,” said Sue Fitzgerald, Procurement & Supply Specialist, Oregon Lottery. “I was thrust into the job of ordering items with limited knowledge of lottery products, I found their expertise invaluable. They’ve always exceeded my expectations in customer service.”